help us hold you (when they) hang this

'help us hold you (when they) hang this’ pokes at the lightness of a heart that sits in darkness. Inspired by a five-part poetry book, the piece takes 5 dancers on separate journeys together. The five dancers slide between formality, necessity, rigor, solemnity, and cheer. The result is memory, and what is means to do it all over again – and how it can be always different or always the same. In other words: When you think about the feeling in your stomach that occurs when you laugh so hard you cry, does it mirror the feeling that happens when you cry so hard you can’t help but laugh?

made in collaboration with the dancers: Genna Mattana, Libby Wolf, Debbie Maciel, Léla Groom, Caitlin Cullen
music: recorded sound, Boom Forest & Fox, Michael Nyman, Jean Claude Fanten
videography: Tori Lawrence
14 minutes

Director's Choice Showcase | Old First Reformed Church, 2018
Spring Movement | Center for Performance Research, 2018

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